Are you committed?

The following is a reflection from Ambergrace’s blog. Worthy of the read!

(The bold markings are my notations)

“The more you commit to Christ, the more you realize you have to submit. And though it sounds difficult to die to oneself, imagine the Author of the Universe humbling Himself on the cross for the sake of one speck of dust in His creation… one second in time that He chose to die for. I am so unworthy, but He loves me that much that He would do not only that BUT offer Himself to me daily, to receive Him in the mass physically and become one with Him, Heaven kissing Earth, bride meeting her groom, the reckless abandon of this life for the sake of His. Completely cheesy right? God is a total romantic. And He has amazing comedic timing too. He makes me laugh once I see through His eyes, His plan following through, it all makes sense. Sometimes its not about the romance though, it’s about the opportunities that require patience, humility. Moments that require me to be slow to anger, to act with kindness and bear and endure all things with the same true love He has revealed to me and continues to bless me with. It’s difficult to not seek something for myself, especially in a world that says its okay to be selfish. But He’s enough. This love is enough. And when He says move, I’ll move, but for now I understand my place and its only to simply be. That my desire remains fervent, that despite my imperfections, my human weakness, He holds me higher than the angels, He’s serenaded me, won the battle, won my heart, and all I must do is simply stay His. No fear for tomorrow, no hurt from the past, I expose myself and admit my weakness that I know nothing about my life but only trust with all that I have that His will is and always will only be for my good. There is no greater beauty in this life or the next than understanding the eternal joy that comes with recognizing the love of God and freely choosing to love Him in return.”


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