Lines – Day 3 of Novena

The box, the screen, and face-to-face. These are common expressions surrounding the theme of today’s novena: Contrition & Forgiveness. After the novena and Holy Mass, people got in line to receive the priest’s blessings with the relic of Good Saint Anne while others got in line to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

After a very thoughtful breakfast hosted by the ladies of the Saint Anne Rectory, we made our way to the Academy of Science since today was a free day to the public. I dropped off the kids and went to go find parking in what seem to be an endless search. As I finally made my way to the Academy, I noticed the array of people in line – young and old, students and parents, etc.

I stood in line for a little over an hour in hopes to visit this place for the first time, but time was against me…. O well, next time.

Funny, isn’t it? When something such as the Academy offers free admission, a line revolves around the park and people wait endless hours to enter. If only the they embraced the reality that God’s love was just as free, dare I say, profoundly free than any admission to a science museum.

Some saints have commented that if we really knew the reality hidden in the Eucharist we would crawl on our knees to the Altar of God. God’s unfathomable love is always poured out to all who desire Him. What makes his love different from the attractions of a museum?

In a museum, one comes and learns and fulfills a sense of curiosity. Yet, God’s love is an encounter with a person – Jesus Christ. And such an encounter can never be exhausted. As a matter of fact, we will always seek to fill this longing and it is only fully satisfied in heaven.

To the third day of the novena – lines, forgiveness, and simple joys!

  Simple joys. Photo taken after the wedding rehearsal last night. 







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