So that’s what happen after….

Those men were scared. They saw the Risen Lord and awaited the fulfillment of the Lord’s promise. Then, Pentecost came and gave them the gifts they needed to begin the mission of Christ’s Church.

The day after Pentecost I hopped on an early morning plane with a bunch of teenagers from Mount Carmel Parish who were hardly awake and made my way into a new experience: mission. We embraced a similar mission which the disciples embraced.

I joined these kids in the southern part of the Archdiocese to lay a foundation for a new home on the San Carlos Apache Reservation near Globe, Arizona. A humbling experience to be with the Native Americans and to share my life with the youth and adults on this trip. Simply unforgettable.

Building the foundation reminded me that Christ is the most perfect foundation of the Church and of our lives. On him, everything is built.

pitching up our tents

Listening to one of the natives speak of how Christianity was brought to the Reservation by those men in black dresses

Digging to set the foundation of the new house

Bending rebar for the foundation

The kids watch on as we work on their new home

Naomi & I with two Franciscan friends 

Mixing cement 

Finishing up the foundation

 The final product. The foundation for a new home.

And when the Mission was complete, I spent a few days with Art and enjoyed the sights of the Grand Canyon. A reminder that even the mountains melt like wax and worship the LORD.

The closest I have gotten to London: The London Bridge


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2 Responses to So that’s what happen after….

  1. NANCY LARSON says:

    Great photos and of course with your arms opened wide. that is why you cannot be a book bearer for the Pope. You would be raising your arms in praise and throe the book over your head. Blessings, anak

  2. NANCY LARSON says:

    Correction—throw the book

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