Spy Wednesday

We hear the Gospel account of how Judas Iscariot conspired with the chief priests and agreed to hand him over for thirty pieces of silver.

The Lord knows betrayal and he has felt it with a kiss in the Garden of Gethsemane. Peter denied the LORD, yet later returned to him. All accept the Beloved Disciple with Mary, his mother, deserted him at the Cross. These imperfect men were his disciples and his firsts priests.

On this Wednesday of Holy Week, we remember the priests of the Archdiocese. They renewed their priestly promises with the Archbishop at the Chrism Mass and they continue to strive for holiness and bring Christ to his people where Christ is found. We pray for all priests, especially those who have betrayed the LORD in the scandals of previous years. We pray for their conversion and sanctification. We especially pray for the continued healing of the victims and their family members whom the LORD loves so much.

On this Spy Wednesday, maybe we can take the crucifix and meditate on Jesus’ love and mercy and pray for those who have betrayed us. Pray that they may come to know the Lord in his unfathomable forgiveness.


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