Have you sent a text today?

We may not realize it, but we live in a world centered on the self. We live in a world where people are focused on the i-phone, the i-pad, the mobile-me. When I met up with D.J. for lunch at San Francisco State University, I couldn’t help but notice that every other person was clued to their i-phone or laptops. This seems to be the major way we all communicate today. It is a very good thing that we can attain knowledge and make correspondences under a minute. Yet, this can become dangerous when we singularly depend on a tweet, email, or a Facebook wall post to suffice for communication.

God’s final complete Word came to our frail humanity through the consent of Mary. He becomes flesh. What does that have to do with us? God took the initiative to come to us in person. Not only fully human, but fully divine. He came to stand in solidarity with our suffering. He is a God who suffers, yet maintains his infinite Glory.

God takes the initiative to be in our midst in the flesh. Dare we do the same. When people ask for our time we should make ourselves present to them in the flesh, fully attentive to them, fully interacting with them. A good friend taught me this simple fact of life.

As good as mass communication via texts and social network may be, dare we take up the challenge to meet persons face to face as Christ has done for us. This way is authentically Christian, it is authentically living in relationship as Christ has demonstrated and continues to express in the outpouring love of the Eucharist.

Happy Solemnity! Don’t forget God.

“When God willed to become Man, He had to decide on the time of His coming, the country in which He would be born, the city in which He would be raised, the people, the race, the political and economic systems that would surround Him, the language He would speak, and the psychological attitudes with which He would come in contact as the Lord of History and the Savior of the World. All these details would depend entirely on one factor: the woman who would be His Mother. To choose a mother is to choose a social position, a language, a city, an environment, a crisis, and a destiny…. He was born of a Mother whom He chose before He was born…. The new Adam, Christ, comes from the new Eve, Mary, in an ecstasy of prayer and love of God and the fullness of freedom.” (Fulton J. Sheen The World’s First Love)


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