“I Had a Symphony”

A little story I found online….


I was sitting there.  My three year old ripped up vans left my socks and feet cold and wet from the wet pavement.  Sitting in that small room with donated jackets, coats, sweaters, pants, and shoes surrounding me yet it smelled like old cigarettes and a hint of urine.  A tall, big, bearded man came walking in behind the volunteer just ranting away.

“Yeah and I was up there panning for gold and it’s amazing how you can’t really see whats in the pan with this big beard in front of me..so i trimmed it a little…”  Even though the beard still touched his chest. “Check this out, I found this one a couple weeks ago and it looks like a taco.  I call it my gold taco.”  And sure enough he pulls out a small glass container that held the centimeter long gold taco.

“So how can we help you today?” says the volunteer.

This tall, big, bearded man who’s passionate about panning for gold was actually a homeless man who lived in his van and occasionally did maintenance work for some friends for free and all he was looking for was for some gas vouchers so he can help drive his friends around to where they may need to be and maybe make another drive up to where he can go pan for gold again.

The most amazing part?

“Yeah some lady found out that I was living in my car and she said to me, ‘Oh, you poor man!’ and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?! Did you hear the rain last night?! I had a symphony! Not one rain drop sounded the same as the other. & when there is hail? Forget about it, it’s the most amazing thing.’ The only thing I fear is getting a flashlight shine through my window.”  And he said that last line with an even bigger smile.

If this man could have such hope for a better future for himself despite having nothing at all, why shouldn’t I?  Torn-up shoes? Forget about it. I’ll double up my socks.



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