Today is Friday. Don’t forget God.

God created us in his image and likeness. God loves our freedom and that is evident in the image above. It is a scene where some say, “Come down and we will believe.” Others simply pass by, the centurion reverenced the Christ, and our Lord’s Mother and Disciple stood faithfully at his side. Yet, in this moment, we find God in his total self expression, in his total outpouring with no remainder in sight. It is here where he conceals himself for us to freely find him. This way of being God is worthy of nothing less.

And how do we encounter such extraordinary, awe-striking freedom? At the Holy Mass…. where this event is made real every time. True form of authentic freedom takes the Eucharistic shape. There is no other priesthood than that of Jesus Christ, the high priest for it is in Him that we are fully restored and fully become the ones made in his image and likeness.


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